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About Us

We appreciate your interest in reading about us. We make professional life easier.

Who are we?

Team Free Cloud Tools is formed by proficient programmers, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and a hardworking unit. We are just like you, but the main dissimilarity between you and us is that we don't stop when we are pummeled by a limitation.

However, we fight back and prepare to drive a solution to cross that hurdle. This habit leads us to Free Cloud Tools and, eventually, we are not only cracking our problems but giving solutions to others having the same concern for free.

Our goal is to build a platform that gathers all the freelancers and other online workers and facilitates their workplace problems without charging them.

Why did we start?

In 2019, we noticed there was an unusual hype for freelancing, self-employment, and work-from-home online working just when the Covid-19 pandemic started. Many people left their high-paying jobs and started working online as web designers, programmers, digital marketers, content writers, and you name it.

It was going fine until we saw that majority people are buying paid memberships of online tools to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. We researched and found that 47% of freelancers are investing 34% of their income to purchase subscription-based tools to facilitate their workflow which is a massive number. The rest who couldn't invest, couldn't even deliver exceptional work.

This leads us to the idea to build a single platform with thousands of tools to facilitate workers all for free. We basically wanted to build a platform that is a "must-use" pocket tool for freelancers and other online workers.

They were not only paying a huge price, but they were also not receiving the special features that they desired or even paid for. This was the reason why most people were overworked and spent too much time on little things. That was the most significant issue for us since having hundreds of people in one office, managing them, and giving resources was a challenging job for a company like ours.

That's why we called a meeting, addressed all the issues, and get started to solve the freelance workplace problems one by one. Since then, our productivity has increased by 200% and we are also providing the same solutions to all of you for free. Isn't that cool?

Our Founding

Muhammed Haris, a competitive programmer, and an entrepreneur from Pakistan launched Free Cloud Tools in 2022. Haris now leads Free Cloud Tools' long-term vision and continues to influence his team with his amazing innovation and entrepreneurial creativity.

His goal is to produce premium-quality free tools that are just as excellent as expensive membership tools and make them available to everyone on their workplace for free.

"My only mission on the road of entrepreneurship is to develop such platforms where executives and small-to-big companies can overcome their obstacles because I believe easing the community to get what they are lacking is the real game." - Muhammed Haris

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide extraordinary free online tools that can compare with, or even outperform, premium resources – but are available to everybody for absolutely free.

We primarily focus on freelancers and online employees such as content writers, SEOs, programmers, web designers, virtual assistants (VAs), and other service providers. We've seen folks get frustrated at work by having to complete small tasks manually, which takes up much of their time and money.

We see this as an opportunity to serve people, and we're thrilled to help you simplify and improve your online job with our tools. We are passionately devoted to it, which is why we provide all of our tools for free.

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