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Image Size Compressor

Image Size Compressor

Free Online Image Compressor Tool

This free image compressor tool is a free product from Free Cloud Tools that can help you compress the size of images within seconds. This tool can dramatically decrease the size of images by up to 80% without losing quality. This is a robust image compression tool that doesn't require any settings, adjustments, etc.
All you need to do is just upload your images, wait for them to compress, and click the download button to start downloading the compressed images. Isn't that cool?
This free image size compressor tool will surely help you to make your freelance journey easier by compressing 10 images in a single shot. This free online tool helps millions of people at their workplaces to automate their most common tasks.

How to compress images online

This image size compressing tool is the easiest online tool that doesn't require any settings from the user. All you need to do is just upload images that you want to shrink in size. When you upload images, they will be automatically compressed and show you the old and current size of the image along with the compression percentage.
If you have mistakenly selected the wrong images, you can always click on the "Change Images" button to select other images. Once you have selected the images and all the selected images have been compressed, you can click the download button to start downloading your compressed images.
If somehow our tool couldn't compress some of the images that you have uploaded, you will be prompted and those images will be excluded from the download list.
BOOM! You've compressed and downloaded your image in just a couple of seconds using this online image file compressor tool. You do not need to set up any settings at this point.
Everything occurs on its own. Simply click the download button to begin downloading your image. Save your new image with a new file size on your device. You can do many conversions using our user-friendly image dimension changer tool.

Benefits of image size compressor

Uploading heavy images onto the website is painful, especially when your website is hosted on a low-end server. There are many other problems that we face when using large file sizes.
Well, Free Cloud Tools is here to help everyone solve small-to-big workplace problems. Free Cloud Tools image file compressing tool solves this problem by compressing your images into smaller file sizes without losing picture quality and simplifies the workload as much as possible.
You are allowed to use all the robust features of this tool for free and reduce your workload. The images and files will be supplied to your device in a matter of seconds, virus-free, what else do we need?
Before using this tool, review its features to see how robust it is, which are listed below.

- Compress images with no quality drop

This image file size shrinker tool is made with robust technologies written by expert programmers. We want to deliver as much quality as possible with a high compression rate. This image size compressing tool will compress your images up to 60 to 75 percent at ideal settings without losing the quality of the image. Because of its high quality, this application has been voted the best image file size compressing tool among others.

- Unlimited compression

This Image Compressor is free and provides you with unlimited time to use it and compress image sizes online. However, since our website usually hits a million users every day, and we want to deliver the same resources to everyone, we have set the limitation to compressing images online using this tool.
You can convert 10 images in a single round and can convert ten by ten images in each round. So basically, you can compress images in bulk, but ten by ten. This helps us to deliver the functions behind this tool to everyone using it at the same time. Please contact us if you want to convert as many pictures as you like in a single shot.

- Easy and fast compression

The compression processing of this tool is powerful. So, it takes less time to compress all the selected images. If you haven't tried it yet, try it once and upload images in bulk. You will see how fast this photo compressor tool will compress your images. We are confident that this tool will compress all your images in seconds.
The reason behind this fast user experience is because of its cloud-based functioning process.

- Multi Layer Security

We make every effort to keep your images safe. We do not upload any images to the server other than your browser. We understand how it feels to post pics on the internet. Free Cloud Tools, on the other hand, is trusted by our consumers and gets over 1.7 million photos every day.
We understand. When sending images to a website for compression, it's reasonable to start worrying about their security. However, we promise you that your photographs are completely safe and secure. We do not view, share, or save them on our servers. We guarantee complete anonymity and privacy when you use our services.

- Add Multiple Files

The best part of this image compressor is that you can compress up to 10 images at once without any blockage. You can compress images in bulk by using this tool which saves a lot of time.
We limit the use of compressing images because we want to maintain a healthy website user experience for all our users at once. This makes sense when the managing client and server-based compression. However, we assure you that you will never find this website down while compressing your images.

In conclusion

This image compressor tool is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to compress images quickly and easily. This free online tool is straightforward to use and offers a range of features that make image compression a breeze.

With no quality loss, unlimited compression, fast processing, and multi-layered security, this tool is an ideal solution for anyone looking to reduce the size of their images without compromising their quality. So, if you're looking to make your freelance work easier, be sure to check out the Free Cloud Tools image compressor tool and experience the benefits of easy, fast, and secure image compression.

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