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PNG to WebP Converter

Free online PNG to WebP converter tool

This PNG to WebP converter tool is a free product of Free Cloud Tools that can help you to convert your png images into webp. This webp converter tool is the easiest tool on the internet which doesn't require any settings, modifications, or edits, from the user.
All you need to do is just upload up to 10 PNG images to convert into WebP then just click on the convert button. BOOM!!! you have converted your images into webp format. Isn't that easy?
Google created WebP to generate smaller and better-looking pictures that can help speed up the web. A WebP file is made up of VP8 image data and a RIFF container. It is a new image format for especially use on websites that use lossy compression.

How to convert PNG images to WebP online

To get started, all you need to do is just upload images in bulk to this tool using the input above. Keep in mind that due to performance optimization, you can only convert 10 images at a time. This means you can convert as many images as you want ten by ten in different shots.
Let's say, you have uploaded ten png images then you will see a button called "Convert". You just need to click on that button and your images will start downloading one by one in webp format.
When all 10 images will be downloaded, you can upload more ten images and do the same process to convert all png images into webp online easily. However, if you want to upload more than 10 images, you can contact us regarding that.

Benefits of png to webp converter tool

The advantages of having a convenient cloud tool like this are numerous. To begin with, you will never have to worry about your images being incompatible online again. Simply navigate to this page and convert your image. To learn how to utilize the tool, follow the steps outlined above.
This online PNG Converter also indirectly contributes to the upkeep of your program. When you easily move between PNG and WebP, you are more likely to have programs that support both file formats. This indicates you're ready to deal with whatever picture type or format you're given. Below you can find some of the main features of these tools. So keep on reading.

- Fastest WebP converter on the internet

This tool takes an average of 6 seconds to convert 10 moderate-sized images. Since our web applications work on the browser you use to convert the images, the browser reads our codes and converts your image into WebP format itself.
This technology improves the user experience and speeds up conversions. Imagine that millions of people are accessing this tool at the same time. You will not be interrupted or the website will not go down since their browsers are converting their images into WebP format itself.

- User-Friendly

Simply upload images in bulk and then click on convert to start converting your images from png to webp one by one. Then you can do it again for the next 10 pictures. this tool is free to use for freelancers or other online workers.

- Doesn't compromise on quality

We use both open-source and custom software to make sure our conversions are of the highest quality. Because of our robust hand-written codes, this application has been voted the best webp converter tool among others. Just try it once, you won't feel any quality loss. If you want to keep your files as they are, just modify the file format to WebP and decrease the file size. This image conversion tool is perfect for you.

- Fast and Secure

Our PNG to WebP Converter is free and works on any web browser. We guarantee file security and privacy. We value your trust when you upload files to our application. When you upload a file, we convert it securely and safely. Our users have trusted Free Cloud Tools because of its technologies and operational processes. No one will be able to view your data except you this is our promise.

Unlimited Conversions

This Image to WEBP Converter is free and provides you unlimited times to convert Images to WEBP. Although you can only convert 10 images at a time. However, you can unlimitedly use this tool by converting ten images, then ten, then ten, and so on. This helps us to manage the website performance equal for all users.

In conclusion

This PNG to WebP Converter tool is a fast, user-friendly, and secure tool that allows you to convert PNG images to WebP format at once. It is the easiest tool on the internet that doesn't require any settings, modifications, or edits, from the user. With the ability to convert an unlimited number of images, this tool is perfect for freelancers or other online workers who need to convert large numbers of images quickly and efficiently. Try it out and experience the benefits of smaller and better-looking images that can help speed up your website.

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